Repair Your Damaged Tooth Enamel

Repair Your Damaged Tooth Enamel

Restore your tooth's surface with fillings in Sedalia or Concordia, MO

During a cleaning or routine examination, Ronald L Hinton D.D.S. P.C. will check the surfaces of your teeth. We’ll also take X-rays to get a better view of the enamel between your teeth. In cases where the enamel is damaged or has a cavity, you’ll receive a dental filling. Dental fillings are done to restore the tooth back to its normal shape and function. The process involves:

  • Removing the decayed material
  • Cleaning the affected area
  • Repairing the space with a filling

Many patients require local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area. Contact the offices of Ronald L Hinton D.D.S. P.C. to learn more about the dental filling you need.

Make sure any decay receives professional attention

If your mouth has any damage or decay that doesn't receive the proper attention, your tooth might need more extensive repair work. Your tooth could require a cap or crown if a large portion is affected. If the decay reaches the nerve of your tooth, a root canal is recommended to remove the damaged nerve. Schedule a dental cleaning to prevent decay.