We're Prepared to Manage Dental Discomfort

We're Prepared to Manage Dental Discomfort

Visit our Sedalia or Concordia, MO office when you need a dentist for tooth pain

There’s a difference between sensitivity and tooth pain. Either one can let you know there’s a problem with your tooth, but the severity of the pain determines the plan of action. Ronald L Hinton D.D.S. P.C. will discuss your discomfort to decide on the proper treatment for your teeth. We’ll want to know if you’re suffering from:

  • Minor intermittent sensitivity
  • Lingering dull pain
  • Sharp intense pain

Take note of when and where in your mouth the problem is happening so we can provide the right care. Call 660-826-8422 in Concordia, MO or 660-335-6335 in Sedalia, MO to schedule an appointment today.

We'll determine the right plan for relief

When you visit our dentist for tooth pain, we'll recommend a unique plan of action based on your symptoms. Treatment might be anything from a sensitivity toothpaste to a root canal or extraction. A complete evaluation is necessary to determine the cause of your discomfort. Visit Ronald L Hinton D.D.S. P.C. to relieve yourself of persistent tooth pain.